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What does eosTV provide?

Streamlined digital advertising for a local audience. eosTV creates engaging video advertisements and displays them across our network.

What kind of advertisement can eosTV create for me?

We can capture new footage or photos to create a brand new video advertisement. Our customers do sometimes provide the photos themselves, but we offer the service as well.

What does a "monthly update" consist of?

We can edit the advertisement monthly. These changes can include images, photos, info, etc. 

This is great for monthly sales, promotions, a changing-call-to-action to gage your return, or anything else you may need.

How does eosTV maintain the network?

We check daily to assure that the displays are functioning properly. These displays run 24/7 and cycle a 10-15 minute loop. This loop contains your ad, other advertisers, trivia questions, filler content, and some extra eye-candy to help grab attention.

eosTV is a great alternative to advertising with Billboards, Restaurants, Local Events, Schools, Classified Ads, Newspapers, Magazines, Outdoor, etc.

If you can’t find the answers you need, contact us directly. 
(810) 433 3308

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